For Underwriters

We provide an easy and efficient way for you to advertise your appetite and products to your target market.

For Underwriters

We provide an easy and efficient way for you to advertise your appetite and products to your target market.




Our Approach

We provide a new age marketing tool to help Insurers clearly market their current risk appetite to their target audience. This allows Insurers the ability to increase the efficiency and reach of their business in a simple and trouble free manner resulting in increased revenues and cost savings.

Current Practices

In the current insurance market, reliance on who you know is key. The market trades off the networking ability of both Insurance agents and underwriters, with many conversations about the ‘who, what and where’ being conducted outside of the office. As an insurer, it is surprising to learn that your agents still bring you risks that fall outside of your risk appetite and that they need to be told individually regarding any new product launches or changes to your risk appetite. This results in wasted time and money for both parties.

Insurercore will allow you to attract more business suited to your specific risk appetite. By allowing your staff to create personalised, bespoke profiles you can showcase their experience and expertise and most importantly their current risk appetite ensuring that they see only business relevant to them.

Maintain your network

Insurercore enables you to update the insurance community of any changes to your risk appetite, ensuring continued business mindfulness.

Promote New Products

Ensure that the correct person(s) is your designated point of contact by adding selected Employees to Products, Schemes and Services.

Accurate Job Profiles

If you are launching or promoting a new product, Insurercore will let the right markets know in real-time.

Save time

Ensure your Insurance Agents bring your Underwriter’s risks that meet your minimum risk appetite standards, avoiding time spent on unattractive submissions.


Create a company marketing page including your logo, general marketing points and links to profiles of your Underwriters.

Personalise your own individual profile by uploading your image, detailing your bespoke Risk Appetite and showcasing your experience and areas of expertise

Guarantee you find the best match in our Search by using our insurance specific filters, assisting you in finding the right Product, Scheme, Company or User

Notify the market of any changes to your risk appetite, any new product or territory exploration, any staff hires or promotions and any other promotional content you would like to showcase.

Control the visibility of each individual Products, Schemes and Services, meaning you only advertise to those you wish to

Maintain and grow your network by using our bespoke Contact Management feature, allowing you to create custom groups and be notified of any changes across your market.

Take advantage of our individual and group Messaging tool to arrange meetings, discuss risks and bring your contact groups together

Access User and Company Analytics to see who is getting in contact, what Products, Schemes and Services are performing better than others and how your notifications are being interacted with