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Below, we have a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further questions contact us at

Frequently asked Questions

It’s easy. Simply search ‘Insurercore’ in the IOS store or the Android store and click ‘install’. It won’t cost you anything and should take no longer than a minute to download. Alternatively, you can access through our website,

 We have made the signing up process simple for any individual looking to access Insurercore, though you will need to ensure your company has signed up first. Once your company is signed up, simply click ‘SIGN UP’ when you enter the app and complete the basic information required to get your account live.

 Once your company has decided to join Insurercore you will need a person with the necessary permissions to go to the ‘SIGN UP’ screen available on first login. Simply select the tab ‘Organisation’ and complete the basic company information required. Insurercore will then undertake a level of due diligence before activating the account.

There are 2 versions of Insurercore. There is the free version and our Premium version, which is chargeable to your company. The premium version will provide you with access to additional functionality and lift any limitations within the free version. As mentioned, it costs absolutely nothing for your Company and Individual profiles to be created. 

Insurercore is available across mobile devices on Android and IOS, whilst there is also a desktop version accessible through the internet. 

We do not offer individual trials at present as there is a requirement that your company signs up to Insurercore first. If your company is considering a trial with Insurercore then please ask them to set up an account, as described above or contact Sam Carey on sam.carey@insurercore for further information 

Your profile in full will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. If you run into any difficulties during the process of completing your profile, please contact  

A ‘Specialisation’ is your opportunity to advertise your detailed risk-appetite for any class of business or product in the insurance industry. With free-form text fields, you can explain where you differentiate yourself from competitors as well as upload any brochures that may provide further information. Each component part of your specialisation will be searchable on the Insurercore network. 

 Searching is easy. We have the basic search option, which will allow you to enter a number of key words as well as the Advanced Search option, accessible through the icon above the Search button. This allows you to select from the fields available in ‘Specialisation’ and acts as a filter to the basic search.

 As much as one may think they know every market out there, we all know this cannot be true. Insurercore can introduce you to new contacts and help maintain current relationships by advertising your skills, expertise and risk-appetite to the market. Any changes you have within your profile, including your specialisations, will be automatically notified to those in your contacts or to those that have added you as one of their contacts. If you’re a broker looking for a new Insurer market or an Insurer looking for new broking markets, then Insurercore can help.

There will be no third-party ads within the Insurercore network/application. 

We pride ourselves on our product and our service but understand that from time to time an issue may arise that could lead to you wishing to submit a complaint. We take all complaints seriously and will aim to respond within 48 hours to any complaint from the time it is received.

To raise a complaint to us at Insurercore, please follow the below instructions.

By Phone: Please call Jo Wall on 0208 004 4880

By Email: Please send an email raising your complaint to

By Post: Please send a letter raising your complaint to our registered address, detailed under Contact Us page 

Please visit the Contact Us page in order to submit any further questions or queries to Insurercore. One of our team will get back to you.